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When a good cop…… Part 1

11:56 P.M.

The city was to silent, ‘where did it go’, detective Anderson thought.  A Veteran of 10 years on homicide, Anderson thought he had seen it all.  Yet today has shook him to his core.

12 Hours Earlier

11:56 A.M.

Laying in the queen sized bed, a lone male sat up.  As he stretched his blanket fell off of him, revealing a well-shaped and miniature body.  Short dirty blond hair, was spiked on one was side, and flat on the other in a slightly comical style.  As he scratched his back his phone went off, causing him to instantly frown.  He knows that, based off of the ringer, some one has been Murdered.  Sighing he picked up the phone “Anderson here, whats the situation Mac”?  “Ander we got three scenes, all within one block, same M.O.”.  Anderson closes his eyes as MacDoogle continued, “We have over thirty dead, chiefs calling us all in”.

12:15 P.M.

With still wet hair, Anderson, started the espresso machine.  Opening the fridge searching for a quick bite, he noticed that Mandy left him lunch.  Pulling out the package he smiled.  “Damn,” he says softly to himself.  Perfectly poached egg’s upon a bed of roasted peppers, and two slices of rye bread, ready to toast.

After he took his last bite, and then swallowed the last sip of his orange juice.


Picking up a remote Anderson clicked three buttons and Mac’s bright red hair, and sea green eye’s appearing upon the plasma television.  Pressing a fourth button Anderson said, “Come in Mac”.

At 4’11 MacDoogle is the shortest man in uniform, called Leprechaun to his face, and behind it.  He is perfectly perportined, so they accept him fully, with no worries.  Plus every man knows that in combat, only Anderson is superior.  “Well Ander, tis time for us to go”.

1:30 P.M.

As MacDoogle turned a corner, Anderson was shocked, Everywhere he looked there were UNI’s, as well as plain clothed officers, and lab weenies, were scrambling around, as well as many of the other emergency services.  As they pulled in front of the two story house with UNI’s swarming it, one broke off and approached them.  MacDoogle shot the Sargent a friendly glare.  “Well looky here Ander, it is the rocking hippy.  As Anderson laughed at MacDoogle’s joke, the heavily haired Sargent had a chilled look.  As Anderson noticed it he instantly stopped laughing.Noting that the atmosphere had changed, MacDoogle asked, “Laddie is it that bad”?

“Mac, it’s….” with a shudder Sargent Miller continues softly, “I’ve seen many cruel and harsh scenes”.  Taking a breath he locks eyes with Mac trying to pass on a message, but Anderson couldn’t figure what.

To be continued, the next part is written but I am out of time.

It will be out tomorrow

Let me know what you think.  This is my first blog, if you spot any thing needing corrections let me know.

A Special thanks to the men and women in uniform, both at home and over seas, you bring hope to us all.